dust mop dressing 2POINT Dust FreeAvailable size: 1 L, 3.8 L, 30 Kg

2POINT® Dust Free™
Dust Mop Treatment / Dust Mop Dressing (Water-based)

Dust Mop Treatment Feature

For agglomerating fine dust into larger particles onto mop material surfaces and preventing fine dust dispersing all over the room by conventional floor sweeping. Incorporated floor coating with NANO-COTICA™ for shinier surfaces of all types. Daily applicable.

Dust Mop Treatment Application

Pour 2POINT® Dust Free™ Dust Mop Treatment into a sprayer without water dilution. Spray droplets all over the mop material, do not soak with product. Leave it for 30 minutes or until dry for thorough wetting. Mop dust in all directions as wanted. After each use, knock the mop outside building or use vacuum cleaner to remove dust from mop. Reuse the mop for a few times before next wash.