oil grease remover 2POINT Oil ChampAvailable size: 1 L, 3.8 L, 30 Kg

2POINT® Oil Champ™
Oil and Grease Remover


For the cleaning of firmly deposited carbon and grease on metal, plastic, wood, and cement floor.  For the cleaning of Hood & Grill, duct, ventilation fan, and gas tank in the kitchen for cleanliness and hygiene.  Removal of dirty deposit and wheel or heel stains on rubber or PVC floor.  Clean soil and stubborn deposit on car paint and Max wheel.  Clean oily and hard oil on engine parts in the engine room.

Oil Grease Remover Application

For the general cleaning purpose, pour 2POINT® Oil Champ™ Oil and Grease Remover two 10-ml caps in to one 10-liter pail (in case of stubborn dirty stain, apply 2POINT® Oil Champ™ undilutedly and leave for a few minutes), soak a piece of cloth, sponge, or brush in the solution, then apply it to the particular area before washing off the dirt with water.