rust stain remover 2POINT Zure CleanAvailable size: 1 L, 3.8 L, 30 Kg

2POINT® Zure Clean™
Rust and Dirty Spot Remover


Removes rusty deposit and light scale which caused from underground and hard water that deposited onto all wares i.e. fixture, wash sink, bath sink, toilet, urinal, and glass.  Removes corroded metallic surfaces i.e. refrigerators, laundry machines, microwaves, cabinet and table, Max wheel, kitchen wares, stainless steel door and air-conditioner.  Removes black, aged deposit in between floor tiles and wall tiles of kitchen and toilet and other rooms.

Rust Stain Remover Application

Pour 2POINT® Zure Clean™ Rust and Dirty Spot Remover undiluted onto the area to be cleaned wait for a few minutes, brush the floor with an appropriate cleaning tool, (Apply 2POINT® Zure Clean™ to the floor while it is dry will enhance the cleaning). Wash off with clean water.