super concentrated laundry powder detergent DRESSE PRMAvailable size: 500g

Super Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent for Hand and Machine Wash


The super concentrated powder detergent for hand and machine washing is specially formulated using AQUAFIBREAN™ for the superior washing performance capable of penetrating into any deep embedded dirts and stains on fabric and easily removed in into washing water without redepositing onto clothes. The general source of stains may come from food sauce, sweat soil, food stain, coffee stain, dirt, blood and lipstick stains etc.

It enhances water saving due to the ease of rinsing; time saving for its superior washing and labor with electric savings due to the ease in ironing.

Besides, it does not devolope foul odor eventhough clothing is dried in shady areas, clothing stays fresh from washing to wearing. Environmentally, the incorporate enzyme words on biodegradation to protect the environment.

The product contains no bleach nor oxidizing substates that may whiten and break up fiber at the same time, beside fading of color clothes. Hence, it is good for both white and color clothes.

Super Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent Application

(1) Separate white from color clothes.
(2) Dissolve DRESSE'® PREMIUM™ Premium Powder Laundry  Detergent (Washing Powder) for Hand and Machine Wash according to the instruction table below.
(3) Pre-soaking of 15 minutes shall enhance washing.
(4) Gently scour and rinse off with clean water.

Water Level
(20-liter pail)
Dosage Guide
No. Pieces of
Hand Wash 1/2 1 15 - 20
Machine Wash 3/4 10
1 15
1 1/4 20

* 1 spoon = 34 g